Our mission is to find treatments and interventions to prevent, delay and treat, Alzheimer’s Disease. Our focus is on the earliest signs of cognitive decline, long before Alzheimer’s disease manifests fully. We firmly believe that understanding this critical window of opportunity is the key to unlocking optimal treatments and effective prevention strategies. Our research is grounded in a patient-oriented approach, where every breakthrough we achieve is driven by the desire to improve the lives of individuals and their families facing the challenges of cognitive decline. 

If you are a current or upcoming researcher, or AD professional, we would like to partner with you. The Center is a community of scientists and clinicians ready to collaborate, mentor, and provide workshops and a community of peers. Stay connected with our research resources page and contact page.

If you are a community member, an important goal of the Center is to provide resources to help you learn more about Alzheimer’s and related dementias. We can help you understand the latest research findings, find clinical and social services, and provide community talks.